Sunday, October 2, 2016

Cheats Sky Hero

Sky Hero

Cheats Sky Hero
Leap valiantly from the top of your fortress and guide courageous soldier John to safety in this endless faller. Use touch, tilt or motion control to steer our hero around bombs, saws and an amazing collection of other perils that threaten to bring his airborne journey to a messy end. Can you help John become a true Sky Hero?

Help our Sky Hero fulfill General Barbas’ last wish and make it to safety, dodging saws carried by birds, cannon balls, rogue mustached barrels, and more craziness.

Complete 60 missions and discover new challenges, enemies, and power-ups by playing Sky Hero in new locations and at different times of the day.

The weather in game reflects the weather in the real world – where you are NOW! How cool is that?

Collect coins with every descent and use them to unlock new power-ups, amazing animal costumes, and even a whole new fortress to leap from.

The new addition of motion capability, powered by Extreme Reality, enables you to steer soldier John's fall with your body movements helping him to avoid saws, bombs and other threats on his way down. Operating motion capability is easy: Choose Motion Control is the settings menu, place the device on a table and make sure the front facing camera is facing you, take a few steps back. A video screen will open and you'll be asked to raise your hand as demonstrated in the image. Once you raise your hands the game will start and you'll be able to control soldier John with your flight motion (move side to side with your hands). Enjoy your fall!

Game Features
•Endless faller with free fall physics
•Colorful visuals with location specific weather
•60 missions with new challenges to discover
•Unlock power-ups and cool costumes

Download Link : Link

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