Thursday, September 29, 2016

Atomik Trivial Hacks and cheats

Atomik Trivial

Atomik Trivial Hacks and cheats
Free online game of questions and answers developed to entertain for 1-4 players.
Have fun creating multiplayer games for up to 4 players or play solo.
Choose the language you want to play. You can choose between 6 different languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

Atomik Trivial is a game like "Trivial Pursuit".

Will answer questions from the following subjects: Art and Literature (pink), Science and Nature (green), Sports & Activities (red), Entertainment (yellow), Geography (orange), History (blue).

On your turn you can activate the dice. The result box lets you choose which you want to go between two possibilities. The boxes have a specific color (for the subject). If you choose a white box the question will be of any subject (random question).

After choosing the topic, you should answer the question choosing from three possible answers and in a given time (the same in all cases).
If you hit continue playing.
If you fail you lose your turn and you will be notified the next player's turn.

When you hit an answer in special boxes, you get a color tab appropriate item.
Wins who meets before 6 cards of each color.

In Atomik Trivial, you can play multiple games simultaneously (maximum of 20).
You can play games created by both you and for those you have invited.

When you create a game, you can play alone or invite other players (up to 3 more).
An opponent can invite anyone (random opponent), or directly invite an opponent you know. To invite a known, you can simply write your name, email or phone. When writing your information will appear in the list of contacts from your phone or tablet. If you have in your list of contacts the opponent, but you know the email address you registered, you can simply write directly that email.

The game will begin when you click on "start".
You can leave any game by clicking on "close" (I will confirm).

When you click on a game, see their status, position of each player on the board, number of chips each player, game stats, etc..
If it's your turn, you can activate by pressing on your player given.

Also "Atomik Trivial" allows you to change the language at any time for you to practice.

Get all the cheeses and win!

Atomik Trivial

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