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During the assessment test, you are asked to analyse the reason behind a given argument and write a critique of the same.

This lesson continues the topic of word problems.

The score is not added to the final GMAT score. All trademarks belong to the respective owners. In this question you have to sort the table to organise the data so that you can determine whether certain conditions are met. The results of this examination are usually delivered within 20 days after appearing for examination.. Pronoun-antecedent agreement, Pronoun reference, Modification errors, Correct usage of adjectives and adverbs.

Here, familiarity with stylistic conventions and grammatical rules of standard written English are a must. This section was added to the GMAT in June 2012.

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Students who had completed the bachelor degree from any disciplines from recognized institution or university are the eligible aspirants to attend the GMAT exams.

Visualexams gmat syllabus pdf documents helped me focus my reading at a time and allowed me to study flexibly. Time Duration: 30 minutes No.Of Questions: 12 Scoring: 1 to 8 with an increment of 0.5

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Linear Equations.

This lesson teaches the essential methods of solving the linear equations (substitution, combination). It also touches upon the equations with absolute values, and closes on the most common watch-outs in solving linear equations on the GMAT.

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CR2. Main Question Types: Conclusion, Inference, Weaken, Strengthen Questions

This part of our GMAT syllabus deals with the most common types of Critical Reasoning questions. It explains how to find a correct inference or conclusion of an argument and explains the correct way of weakening or strengthening GMAT arguments.


SLinear equations, Systems of linear equations, Dependent and independent equations, Equations with absolute value


Inference and conclusion questions, Tips for inference and conclusion questions, Weaken and strengthen questions, Most common methods of weakening or strengthening GMAT arguments

. • If the sentence sounds correct as it is, option 1 is the answer.

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Permutation and combinations. Following are some of the topics you can expect in the GMAT verbal section


This section of our GMAT syllabus continues providing GMAT prep material on general question types and provides a detailed explanation of Logical Structure, and Tone or Attitude questions. Structure of TA problems, Approach to TA problems.

Solving quadratic equations: quadratic formula, factoring, Viète’s formulas, Formulas of short multiplication, Exponential equations, Equations with radicals.

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