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Download a full-length SAT | Overview |

For starters, the new test will be more reading-centric and passage-based than ever before.

Is there a fee for taking the placement test?.  2011– Click here to download.

Applications to elite colleges have soared in recent years.

If you are proficient in these areas, you can register for the first level English/math for your course/program

Item 2005 2016
Maximum score 2,400 1,600
Essay Required Optional
Penalty for wrong answer Yes No
‘Math-in-context’ questions Some Most
Trigonometry No Yes (although limited)
. The ACT is more memory-oriented, while the SAT is more strategy-oriented. The new SAT vocabulary will no longer test uncommon words, instead testing more up to date, context-reliant words. Test Masters will make online supplements available to students impacted by the changing SAT format to aid you in your preparation process.. Test builders contend that what a test is has always mattered less than what a test does
. Up to one-third of the questions on Classics I and II may be starred in this way.
. As more is asked of the new SAT, might it do fewer things well?.

Many others have adopted a wait-and-see approach.. Before you take these SAT practice tests, ensure that you have reviewed all provided SAT practice questions.

Essay — Optional: 1 Question, 50 Minutes.

The SAT is a marathon, lasting 4 hours early on a Saturday morning. There will be more time per section on the new version, and students will even have double the amount of time to write their essay.

“It really does measure what you’re supposed to learn and what you’ll see in the first year of college,” said Richard Middleton, the regional vice president for the Southwestern Region of the College Board..

In the 2005 update, analogies were eliminated from the test because it was determined that they did not adequately reflect today's high school curriculum.

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The towns in Canadian prairies developed after the construction of Canadian Pacific Railway..

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