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Admit Card For 2016 Exams | Government Jobs Mentor

(e) Why does the author call the statements of Hegel ‘facile generalization’?. (i) Too great a variety of studies destruct the mind.. What are your career preferences?. (0671) – 2305611, 2304141.

The teacher and the educational administrator should realize that their activities are all being watched by their pupils

Paper Subjects Marks
Paper – I Oriya Language 300 Marks
Paper – II English 300 Marks
Paper – III English Essay 200 Marks
Paper – IV General Studies-I 300 Marks
Paper – V General Studies-II 300 Marks
Paper – VI, VII, VIII & IX Optional Subjects 300 Marks
Personality Test or Interview – 250 Marks

Now they are looking for further. Other Eligibility Conditions:.

(ii) He chose only such men for his company whom he could trust.. The précis must be written on the separate précis sheets provided, which must then be fastened securely inside the answer book. (ii) Women chose not to vote (machine) ____________ at the bidding of their men folk.. (c) Have We Lost the Direction ?

. (d) Fashion Boom in India. are traditional forms of protest no longer effective?. (veracity / voracity)

Both are ancient countries with long raditions of culture behind them, though Italy is a newcomer compared to India, and India is a much more vast country Both are split up politically, and yet the conception of Italia, like that of India, never died, and in all their diversity the unity was predominant. There is no reason to believe that there are fundamental differences between the East and the West.

Total Number of Question is 200. Tolerance implies an elementary right belonging to the dignity of every man. While the defence of one’s nation has often been seen as the defence of one’s religion, and while modern hostilities between nations frequently do have a religious dimension, there are many serious national conflicts that have no clear religious element; the two world wars were fought in Europe with Catholic France, Protestant Britain, and Orthodox Russia opposing Germany with its mixed Catholic and Protestant population.

Interview Exam respectively.

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